Trump Supporters Turned House Into American Flag

Youngstown, PA homeowner Lesli Rossi and her husband buy old buildings, restore them and then sell them, and one of their projects is drawing a lot of attention right now.

The home is painted as an American flag and is surrounded in Donald Trump banners and signs.

Rossi even stands outside of the house and hands out Donald Trump hats and other free stuff to visitors.

Responses to the home are mixed, Rossi says, but she maintains positivity either way.

“Here we’ll get a lot of honks and waves,” she told CBS Pittsburgh. “Sometimes I’ll get a thumbs down. But we’ll just wave anyway. Sometimes they’ll yell for the candidate they’re for, if it’s different. It doesn’t do any good to respond negatively. So if it’s too far, or I don’t feel I can control it, I just say I don’t want to speak to you. Please leave me alone.”

After the election, Rossi plans to restore the home.

(h/t CBS Pittsburgh)

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