Carson: Hillary Espouses Evil Like ‘Killing Babies,’ ‘Redefining Marriage’

Wednesday on CNN”s “New Day,” after his speech Tuesday night linking presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with Lucifer because of her admiration for Saul Alinsky, who dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals,” to Lucifer, Dr Ben Carson defended those remarks.

Cuomo asked, “I get that Lucifer is a powerful term, especially with a group that is faith sensitive, but do you feel it was going too far in retrospect?”

Carson answered, “When you look at the principles that are espoused by Christ, by Christianity, and you look at what’s espoused by evil, and then you look at things like killing babies, you look at things like redefining marriage, away from what the biblical definition is, I think that there’s pretty good consistency there.”

Carson added,”Except you have to also use your brain. You say, if she believed that at that time and now you look at her actions, you look at what she advocates, the killing of babies, the dissolution of the traditional family, those are consistent, quite frankly.”

When asked about Trump, Carson said, “I see a tremendous sense of coalescing going on. And that’s only going to continue. I think even those individuals who are in the Never Trump camp will at some point begin to understand that it’s not about their feelings. It’s about the future of this country. And this is a pivotal election because we’re deciding if we’re going to be a country by the government or a country by the people. I’m saying they have a philosophy that is antithetical to the philosophy to the founding of this nation.”

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