Dean: RNC Convention a Hillary ‘Lynch Mob’ That Will Turn Away Undecided Voters

Wednesday on MSNBC’s coverage of the Republican National Convention, the former chair of the Democratic National Committee former Gov. Howard Dean (D-VT) said the attacks on presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton were a “lynch mob” that will not win over “10 percent of essentially undecided voters.”

Dean said, “I actually thought that it was — that they’ve had two bad nights. For them to still be talking about Melania’s speech is pretty bad. But, Christie really reminded me of Pat Buchanan in Houston, who is widely believed to have cost the Republicans dearly. This was a lynch mob in the auditorium last night. And I think people will remember that. The — look, we’re talking about 10 percent of essentially undecided voters here. Everybody else has already made up their mind. The problem for the Republicans is they play to the base. It’s what I call the hate wing of the Republican party. Most Republicans aren’t like that. I think the Republicans are looking really awful, because this is the last thing that the American people want, is hating on anybody, whether it’s Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, or whatever. So I think we’ll attack Donald Trump, but I think we’ll attack him on his merits and not have to make stuff up, as in last night in Cleveland.”

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