McConnell: Hillary ‘Will Say Anything, Do Anything and Be Anything’ to Get Elected

CLEVELAND, OH — Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) made the case for a Donald Trump presidency, noting the flaws of Trump’s opponent, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, and how a Trump presidency would help further many Republican causes.

Transcript as follows:

I’m a patient man. As a young child in the South I was struck with Polio and forced to stay off my feet for two years. That experience taught me an abiding gratitude for my parents. And, it also taught me how to wait, which comes in handy when you’re the leader of the U.S. Senate.

More than anything though my job has taught me the value of trust. How to distinguish between people who are in this to serve others, and people who are in it for themselves.

I’m here to tell you Hillary Clinton will say anything, do anything, and be anything to get elected president, and we can not allow it.


The American people are tired of hearing about the bounty of government while the cost of caring for a family, or meeting daily expenses grows out of reach. Over the past few years they’ve seen government abuse their office and get rewarded for it. They’ve seen the middle class actually shrink. And, in the midst of this, they’ve raised a very simply complaint.

Who’s looking out for us? It’s not Hillary. I’ve had my difference with Barack Obama, but I’ll give him credit for this. At least he was upfront about his plans to move America to the far left. To the far left.

Not Hillary. She lied about her emails. She lied about her server. She lied about Benghazi. She even lied about sniper fire. Why, even she lied about why her parents named her Hillary.

So, I ask you a simple question, at a moment when so many feel betrayed by their government, why in the world would Democrats put forward such a candidate. Hillary has changed her positions so many times it’s impossible to tell where the conviction ends and the the ambition begins.

In 2010 she said Iran could enrich Uranium. In 2014 she said she’d always argued against it. Once a backer of the Keystone Pipeline, last year she opposed it. She used to be against Sanctuary Cities, then she claims she was for them. Now, we’re not sure where she is.

Friends, not since Baghdad Bob has there been a public figure with such a tortured relationship with the truth.


Fortunately there’s a clear choice before us, and it’s not Hillary. You know what the next four years will look like with Hillary, and you know if Hillary is president we’ll continue to slide, distracted by the scandals that follow the Clinton’s like flies.

Two years ago voters delivered a clear verdict on the Obama years by sending a freshman class of rockstar Republicans to the Senate, and delivering us a majority that I promise to make you proud of. We never hesitate to confront the President, but we also do the hard work of tackling urgent problems head on. And, we delivered on that promise.

We put Obamacare repeal on the President’s desk, he vetoed it. Donald Trump would sign it.


We passed a bill to finally build a Keystone Pipeline, Obama vetoed it. Donald Trump would sign it.


We passed a bill to defund Planned Parenthood, Obama vetoed it. Donald Trump would sign it.


And, on that sad day when we lost Justice Scalia, I made another pledge that Obama would not fill his seat. That honor will go to Donald Trump next year.


So, with Donald Trump in the White House Senate Republicans will build on the work we’ve done and pass more bills into law than any Senate in years. We’ve already passed the first major education reform in more than a decade, and ended Common Core. We made the first significant reforms to Social Security in three decades. We passed a crucial cybersecurity bill, we imposed sanctions on North Korea, we passed the first major highway bill in more than a decade, we passed a bill to combat the scourge of human trafficking, and just last week we passed the first major law aimed at confronting the heart breaking explosion of heroin and opioid abuse.


So, my friends, keep the Senate in Republican hands and we’ll continue this work and the remarkable public servants that I’m proud to lead in the Senate will not let you down. But, put Hillary Clinton in the White House and I promise you this, she will double down on the cynical approach that Senate Democrats seem to revel in these days.

Here’s what I mean. As we sit here tonight, a terrifying mosquito born illness threatens expectant mothers and their babies along our southern coast. And, just last week, just last week, Clinton Democrats in the Senate blocked a bill aimed at eradicating that virus before it can spread. And, they weren’t finished. They blocked the Defense Funding bill, a bill that would support the brave men and women who are right now defending us overseas.

What in the world do these people think public service is about? I don’t know, but I know this, if Hillary Clinton is our president nothing will change.

So, tonight I ask you to continue — let us continue our work. Let us put justices on the Supreme Court who cherish our Constitution.


Let’s keep the Senate.


And, let’s elect a president and a vice president who really believe America is exceptional.


Thank you, my friends, and God bless America.,blockquote>

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