Krauthammer: ‘Cruz Delivered the Longest Suicide Note in American Political History’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “America’s Newsroom,” Washington Post columnist Charles Krauthammer declared the speech given at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland a night earlier by Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX), formerly a candidate for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination, to be the “longest suicide not in American political history.”

“Last night what Cruz delivered was the longest suicide note in American political history,” Krauthammer said. “This morning he added an addendum because last night was the theme of it was, ‘It’s a matter of principle as a conservative and as a constitutionalist he could not endorse Donald Trump.’ And at the beginning of this thing this morning he said I’m going to watch and wait and see if I can support him. And then he lost it. He blew it. We just saw it. It was towards the end of the event and he was asked a question about endorsing.”

“He said, you can see him calculating, should I really give the reason,” he continued. “And then he said it’s all personal. This is about the wife and the father. And then what that does, he’s a calculating guy. What that does is it totally undid the great political philosophical reasons he offered last night. That was already in jeopardy because remember for the first 6 months of the campaign he was especially nice to Trump. He was drafting in the wake of the head car and everybody was attacking Trump over the McCain comments. He didn’t. So this was not a matter of principle, it was already in question as of last night, but as of this morning I think he’s destroyed his political career.”

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