Trump: Cruz ‘Dishonorable,’ May Have ‘Ruined His Political Career’

Friday in Cleveland Ohio, at a press conference after the RNC convention, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was “dishonorable” for adding to his RNC speech after he had the text approved and most likely, “ruined his political career” by refusing to endorse Trump.

Trump said, “If you turn on television, you — you turn on some of the dishonest media, you’ll see that, oh, wow. this happened and that happened. What happened, you know somebody got booed the hell out of a place by thousands and thousands of people. There wasn’t one person in the room — not one. And then they said there may not be unity. Unity? There wasn’t one person in the room, including the Texas delegation, right?”

“Honestly, he may have ruined his political career. I feel so badly,” he continued. “I feel so badly. And you know, he’ll come and endorse over the next little while. he’ll — because he has no choice. But I don’t want his endorsement. What difference does it make. I  don’t want his endorsement. I have such great — I don’t want his endorsement. just — Ted, stay home, relax, enjoy yourself. just a couple of things. I knew his speech. they gave me his speech. I saw exactly what his speech was. Because when you go up to speak, you have to give your speech. You know, we don’t want surprises, right? So they gave it. They came to me. They said, it’s a boring speech, Mr. Trump, nothing good, nothing bad. He congratulates you on a victory. He added a sentence. In other words, he got up and he added a sentence. Which could have been viewed as a nasty thing in terms of what he said. Because he was implying something, which is wrong.”

“But that’s OK,” Trump added. “So he took his speech and you’re bound by that speech. Just like you’re bound by the pledge. Right? You’re bound by the pledge. So Ted Cruz took his speech that was done, was on the teleprompter, said hello, then made a statement that wasn’t on the speech and then went back to his speech. See, to me, that’s dishonorable. To me, not signing a pledge is dishonorable, okay? It’s dishonorable. Not a nice thing to do. ”

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