Warren: Last Night Trump ‘Sounded Like A Two-Bit Dictator’

Thursday on CBS’s “The Late Show,” Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s speech last night at the Republican National Convention “sounded like a two-bit dictator.”

Warren said the overall message of the RNC was “the nastiest, most divisive convention that we’ve seen in half a century.”

She added, ““What Donald Trump says is, ‘There’s a problem out there and what you have to understand is, it’s all about each other. What you need to be afraid of is every other American. I got to tell you that speech tonight, he sounded like some two-bit dictator of some country you couldn’t find on a map … He sounded like a dictator of a small country rather than a man who is running for the highest office of the strongest democracy on the face of this earth. That’s what he sounded like.”

(h/t The Hill)
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