Chuck Todd: Clinton Decision to Employ Wasserman Schultz Not the Best Call

Sunday on MSNBC, while discussing DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s resignation over Wikileaks releasing 20,000 emails that were stolen from the Democratic National Committee’s servers and showed a bias toward presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, host of “Meet The Press,” Chuck Todd, said the fact that the Clinton campaign is now essentially employing  Wasserman Schultz will, “feed into some conspiracy theories.”

Clinton’s statement on the resignation said Wasserman Schultz will be the honorary chair of the campaign’s 50-state program and serve as a surrogate for the campaign nationally in Florida and in other key states.

Reporter Kristen Welker said, “If you read between the lines there, that’s essentially an acknowledgment that there was a deal struck here, that the Clinton campaign’s saying, ‘Hey, you can stay on as honorary chair, but you need to step down because this is becoming a big distraction. Based on conversations with Democratic officials, there had obviously been a lot of controversy swirling around Debbie Wasserman Schultz. President Obama, Secretary Clinton, had some real concerns about that. And the development of these emails essentially gave them a fireable offense. And that is why we’re seeing this development today. They didn’t want anything to be overshadowing this convention.”

Todd said, “Very interesting decision by the Clinton campaign to essentially employ her because then that is only going to make some Sanders people go, ‘A ha, this is her, she owes Debbie something,’  and that’s why — it’s an interesting decision. It may only feed some conspiracy theories.”

He added, “When I saw that statement just now, my initial reaction was, ‘Oh, so she’s taking care of somebody who took care of her.’ Like that’s how somebody who has gone down this road, who believes that somehow the DNC snatched this from Sanders, that’s how they’re going to interpret that. I don’t know if that was the best call.”

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