Obama: Trump’s NATO Remarks Show His Lack of Preparedness and Understanding About the World

Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” while commenting on Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s remarks that during a Trump presidency, NATO allies who do not fulfill their obligations might not be assisted by the United States, President Barack Obama said that demonstrated a “lack of preparedness” and not enough “information or understanding,” about U.S. foreign policy.

Obama said, “Well, I think that anybody who has been paying attention knows there is a big difference between challenging our European allies to keep up their defense spending, particularly at a time when Russia has been more aggressive, and saying to them, you know what, we might not abide by the central tenet of the most important alliance in the history of the world, one that was built by Democrats and Republicans and has been a cornerstone of U.S. foreign policy since the end of World War II. For Mr. Trump, who has in the past suggested that America’s weak and not looking out for its allies, to then maybe not have enough information or understanding to go out and say that America might not stand by its solemn commitment to protect those same allies who stood with us after 9/11 when we were attacked I think is an indication of the lack of preparedness that he’s been displaying when it comes to foreign policy.”

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