Van Jones: ‘Hard To Say’ Hillary ‘Won Fair and Square’

During CNN’s coverage of the first day Democratic National Convention, CNN Political Commentator and former green jobs advisor to President Obama Van Jones argued that “it’s hard to say” that presumptive Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton won the nomination “fair and square” because “there were so many complaints all along.”

Jones said, “[L]isten, I think that she won. But it’s hard to say she won fair and square, because of the — there were so many complaints all along. It’s not like –.”

He added, “First of all, there were missed opportunities on the part of both the DNC, frankly, the White House, and the Clinton campaign, as these concerns started to come up, long ago. I’m not mad about the emails. I’m mad that months ago, people were saying, they felt like the process wasn’t fair, and nobody did anything. They felt that there were voting irregularities, and nobody did anything. These things were starting to build. So, then the emails, that’s just the last straw. And so, because those opportunities — I would have loved for Hillary Clinton to come out, arm and arm with Debbie and with Bernie, and have said, three months ago, four months ago, if you see any voting irregularities, call this number.”

Jones stated that he didn’t think Sanders lost because of voting irregularities, but “what I do think is that, it’s — when your kids are playing a game, even if your team wins by 19 points, if you feel like the referee wasn’t fair or that one kid was getting away with cheating, nobody feels good at the end.”

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