Watch: Police Released Video of Ex-NFL QB Marcus Vick Running From Cops

Per a TMZ Sports report, Marcus Vick, brother of Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Michael Vick, was arrested at gunpoint in April after running from the police.

Police were reportedly questioning the former Miami Dolphin at a gym in Newport News, VA about a warrant out for his arrest from a civil case when he took off, shoving a police officer out of the way.

Vick, who made it to the NFL mainly because of his speed, ran away from the officer, but he eventually gave himself up.

The officer caught up to Vick, drew his weapon and ordered him to show his hands and get on his stomach. Vick did not fully comply, so an officer rolled him onto his stomach.

The TMZ report says Vick was convicted of resisting arrest. He was sentenced to one year in jail, but only served one month because 11 months of the sentence were suspended and he is currently serving a 12 month probation.

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