Matthews: ‘God Help’ Hillary Having To Follow Obama’s ‘Magnificent’ Speech

During MSNBC’s coverage of the Democratic National Convention on Wednesday, host Chris Matthews stated “God help” Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton having to follow up President Obama’s “magnificent” speech.

Matthews said Obama’s speech “was magnificent. So, that’s what I have to say in the end. What he did to Hillary, who has to follow this act tomorrow night, and God help her tomorrow night, to do what he did tonight. And she knows it, and Bill knows it, because Michelle was wonderful, but this guy tonight was something else, like he was when we — so, I thought it was a farewell address, guys, as well as an endorsement of Hillary Clinton. A wonderful farewell address while everyone’s paying attention, and I think it was a wonderful bookend to his first speech in 2004, and his to wife’s speech on Monday. They were the starring couple. They have, unfortunately, proven themselves in the highest level of American life, and Hillary Clinton is now going to have to play catch-up tomorrow night. So, it’s an interesting night, and a wonderful night, I thought.”

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