FBN’s Regan Rips Hillary on Syrian Refugees — ‘When Is She Going to Start Prioritizing American Women Over Her Need to Be Politically Correct?’

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “The Intelligence Report,” host Trish Regan criticized Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton for her Syrian refugee policy, which she argued was putting our national security at risk.

Partial transcript as follows:

REGAN: That is Hillary Clinton advocating for the U.S. to take in more refugees—8,000 are already here from Syria. You know, she seems to be forgetting one important detail when making that statement. Historically, and I’m talking World War I, World War II, we didn’t have refugee programs. We didn’t take in people that could potentially be an enemy. We were at war. And guess what? If you haven’t noticed, Hillary, we are at war right now. Which gets us to another point, in an attempt to appeal to her pacifist base, Hillary Clinton is failing to admit the reality we are living with right now. I mean, even the pope says we are in a world war, the likes of which we haven’t seen since World War II. He’s right. But living in this this state of denial enables Hillary Clinton to say things like this:

(Video Clip)

HILLARY CLINTON: We should take increased numbers of refugees. The administration originally said 10, I said we should go to 65.

(End Video Clip)

REGAN:  Sixty-five thousand refugees from Syria, that is. Why? I mean, why should we be offering refuge to a group that ISIS has promised to seed with its jihadists as it has already done in Europe? Why should we be offering refuge to people that the director of intelligence and the director of the FBI say cannot be vetted? Why does she want to bring them here? To make herself feel good? You know, Europe tried that. Europe tried, and it has been paying the price ever since. These animals are hacking people with machetes on trains in Germany, shooting up innocents in the streets, blowing up airports and mowing people down, including children, with trucks on the beach. I mean, are we that masochistic that we want to invite trouble here? ISIS aside, the Islamic culture that these people are bringing, you know, it’s become detrimental to things that we stand for, especially when it comes to the equality of women. This is heartbreaking. You read about these situations now on a weekly basis. The other night there were nine rapes and assaults of women at a Danish festival over the weekend by Muslim migrants. Twenty-four women were raped or assaulted in Germany, also allegedly by migrants. And let’s not forget the 1,200 women that were raped and assaulted allegedly by groups of Muslim migrant men on New Year’s Eve in Germany, 200 in the rest of the country. Hillary is a woman. When is she going to start prioritizing American women over her need to be politically correct? We’ve been a successful country because we have always defended ourselves, and we’ve never been so stupid as to invite the enemy into our camp. I’m not saying that these refugees would be our enemies, but if one is, if two are, we have a problem. Why would we expose ourselves to that? If Hillary wants a shot at the White House, she ought to be rethinking her policy, because I don’t care what side of the political aisle you are on, some things just don’t make sense.

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