Roland Martin: Non-College Educated White Voters ‘Getting Bamboozled’ By Trump

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” host of TV One’s “News One Now,” Roland Martin said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was bamboozling “white voters who are not college educated,” because his economic team is “totally opposite of what he actually says.”

Partial transcript as follows:

FAGEN: There is something deeper going on and Donald Trump is a reflection of what is going within the base of Republican Party, which is — Charles Murray wrote this book in 2012 called “Coming Apart” which was an analysis of white America. And you see the great divide that is occurring between college educated white America and non-college educated white America. Donald Trump is going the win non-college educated whites by a greater margin than any Republican candidate in previous elections. Hillary Clinton is going to win college-educated whites for the first time in 60 years.

RADDATZ: You’re shaking your head, Roland.

MARTIN: I’m shaking my head about those white voters who are not college educated because you’re getting bamboozled. You can’t have a guy talking about trade and the jobs and you look at the economic team who frankly is totally opposite of what he actually says. And so, I get that people…

DOWD: Listen, there’s an understanding of why they’re going to Trump, right. They’ve been lied to and misled by both political parties.

RADDATZ: And I heard again and again, he’s telling us what we want to hear. If I say to you — maybe not.

DOWD: For 40 years they’ve seen no increase in their pay, for 40 years — through Democratic and Republican administrations.

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