Clinton Spox: Clinton ‘Disagrees’ With FBI Assessment That She Had Classified Material On Her Email

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Hillary for American Deputy Communications Director Kristina Schake stated that Clinton “disagrees” with FBI Director James Comey’s assessment that Clinton had classified material on her email.

Schake was asked, “[T]here were other statements she made, specifically that the FBI Director was asked about. She had said, I did not email any classified material to anyone on my email. ‘There is no classified material.’ That was a public statement. When asked about that, Director Comey said there was classified material emailed. He said this had gone both ways. Why does she say something like, I ‘short circuited?'”

She answered, “Because they disagree. He’s talking about 110 emails that she has consistently said she does not believe were classified. And he himself in the testimony said they were not marked classified. They didn’t have the –.”

Guest anchor Brianna Keilar then cut in, “But some were classified at the time. Information classified at the time.”

Schake responded, “She disagrees with that. And so do the professionals who were emailing her that information. She received emails from more than 300 experts at the State Department, and other agencies, who understand the classified system, and they disagree. So, that’s a disagreement about that, but again, she has said this was a mistake, and she’s taken responsibility for it.”

(h/t Washington Free Beacon)

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