FS1’s Cowherd: Olympic Ratings Down Because of Trump, Hillary

During Monday’s “The Herd” on Fox Sports 1, host Colin Cowherd argued that the Olympics ratings are down roughly 28 percent because of the extreme like and dislike people have towards the GOP and Democratic presidential nominees.

“The Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton election is a thing,” Cowherd said. “They are predicting Super Bowl-level ratings for the debates, three of them. CNN is up 70 percent, MSNBC is up 45 percent, Fox News is up 33 percent. Those are staggering numbers in the slowest time of the year. They’re doubling their audiences, Why? Donald Trump. Trump and Hillary are so polarizing people and they have such strong followings or strong anti-followings, they repulse so many people and that has embedded their followers even deeper into their disdain for the other that it’s taking away male viewers who are moving to Fox News, MSNBC and CNN.”

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