Nehlen: Paul Ryan the Head of the ‘Soulless,’ ‘Globalist’ Snake Because He Wants Cheap Labor in This Country

Monday during a late edition of MSNBC’s “Hardball,” congressional hopeful Paul Nehlen, who is seeking the Republican nod for the House seat for Wisconsin’s first congressional district against Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, ripped his opponent on numerous issues, including immigration.

When asked by host Chris Matthews about GOP failures on immigration and a desire for cheap labor, Nehlen argued both parties were to blame and pointed to Ryan as a leader of the GOP, which he described to be a soulless and globalist snake.

“There is a group of Democrats and there is a group of Republicans that are absolutely working together against the American people,” Nehlen said. “They want cheap labor in here because that’s what their donors want. I called Paul Ryan the head of the soulless snake, globalist snake because Paul Ryan wants cheap labor in this country. Chris, there’s 5.5 billion people in this world that make less than the average Mexican worker. What are we going to do? Are we going to open our doors to 5.5 billion coming here?”

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