Trump: Nat’l Security Leaders Who Signed Letter Are ‘Washington Establishment’ Seeking Publicity

Tuesday on Fox Business Network’s “Mornings with Maria,” while commenting on the 50 Republican foreign policy and national security experts who released an open letter opposing him, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said they were “Washington establishment people” and that they were trying “to get some publicity for themselves.”

Trump said, “Well I responded by saying that I wasn’t using any of them. They would have loved to have been involved with the campaign. But I wasn’t using, and I had no interest using. Look where country is now national policy. Look where we are on defense. Look where we are. Look at the mess we are in whether it’s the Middle East or anywhere else.  These were people been there a long time — Washington establishment people that have been there a long time. Look at terrible job they’ve done. I hadn’t  planned that using any of these people. I guess for the most part I haven’t spoken to these people. I like to speak to a new group. The old group was not doing it. Take a look at Middle East. Take a look at problems that we have with people doing it long period of time. So you know they don’t feel relevant so they form a group go out and try to get some publicity for themselves. And they hope that somebody else other than Trump wins because that way they can get a job.”

He added, “I won the primary by fighting all of these insiders.”

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