Sen Collins: Trump Has Failed to Show ‘Common Decency’

Sunday on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) said she can not support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in the general election because of how he treats people and for questions about his judgment.

Collins said, “The tipping point for me was when he attacked the parents of the fallen soldier. It was inexplicable to me that anyone, much less presidential candidate, would not honor the sacrifice and empathize with a family who lost a son in war. Instead, he attacked them and attacked their religion. It was so difficult a decision for me, because I’m a lifelong Republican, and I wanted to and expected to be able to support party’s nominee. but the barrage of comments and the attacks on people who are vulnerable and unable to fight back really troubled me.”

She added, “When you look at the challenges that we’re facing at home and abroad, we need a president who has the judgment, the temperament, the knowledge, and the self-control to lead our country and to be the symbol of our country. I know that it is appeal to people that Donald Trump has jettisoned the politically correct, stilted campaign speeches that frustrate voters. But the problem is that there’s a big difference between that and treating people with respect and common decency, and there’s where, in my judgment, Donald Trump has failed.”

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