FBN’s Stuart Varney: Trump Right to Draw Parallels Between His Candidacy, Brexit Vote

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” Fox Business Network host Stuart Varney noted the parallels between the movement to elect Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and the vote early this year for Great Britain to leave the European Union, which was known as Brexit.

In a tweet earlier, Trump declared himself to be called “Mr. Brexit,” to which Varney said Trump had every right to do so.

“Brexit was the vote, do we stay in Europe or leave for the British,” Varney said. “Now, everybody in the establishment in Britain said, ‘We got to stay.’ Government, business, academics, media. Universally, the establishment said we got to say. They voted to leave.”

“The polls were wrong up to the last minute,” Varney said. “Now, Donald Trump is drawing a parallel to the election here and rightly so because some of the issues are the same — immigration, control your own destiny. That was the issue in Brexit. That’s to some degree the issue in America. The polls are suggesting that Trump loses in a landslide. Well, let’s see what happens in November. But the main point is that the establishment in America, universally, opposes Donald Trump, just the way they universally opposed leaving Britain. There is a parallel between the two. I think Donald Trump is right to call himself Mr. Brexit.”

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