Coulter: Trump Not Walking Back Immigration Position — ‘We’re Getting a Wall’

Monday on CBSN, CBS News’ Live Streaming Video News Channel, while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway saying that Trump’s deportation plan is “to be determined” in an interview on CNN over the weekend, conservative commentator and author of the new book “In Trump We Trust,” Ann Coulter said Trump is not pulling back his immigration policies, adding, “We know we’re getting a wall.”

Coulter said, “I think this is just more media propaganda, this is such a non-story. Look, we know the direction he’s going in. We know there’s going to be a wall. What I used to hear for half the campaign was, ‘Oh, and he secretly told The New York Times there’s not even going to be a wall!’ I mean of course there is give-and-take in Washington. With Hillary, we are getting, as she has said and as Tim Kaine has said, totally open borders, complete amnesty, along with a member of my party — or my ex party— Paul Ryan speaker of the house—they are both for granting amnesty to millions of illegals.”

She continued, “Hillary says she wants to more than quadruple the number of Muslim refugees she is bringing  in. The details of Trump’s plan—we’re getting a wall! We know he’s going to let ICE do its job. How much he can do without the agreement of Congress —whether that’s in Democrats’ hands or my old Republican party’s hands—of course there is going to be negotiation. I’m quite sure ICE is going to be let free to do its job. But I just think this is an utter tempest in a teapot. Only the media could keep introducing the same news as if it is a breaking news story. Yeah, we don’t know the details yet. We know there’s not going to be amnesty under Trump, and we know we’re getting a wall!”

(h/t RCP Video)

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