Green: Bannon ‘De-Constructs’ Effective Liberals and Has ‘Had Some Success In That Regard’

On Monday’s edition of MSNBC’s “Rachel Maddow Show,” Bloomberg National Correspondent Joshua Green said Breitbart News executive chairman, Stephen K. Bannon, who is serving in the new role as Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s campaign CEO, “de-constructs the liberals he thinks are most effective,” and “he’s kind of had some success in that regard.”

Green said there was “probably not” any prospect of the GOP and Bannon working together. He added, “They loathe him, as they should. I mean, what gets him out of bed in the morning is not — I don’t think as much going after democrats as it is going after the Republican establishment, and Ryan, in particular, if you’ve read his website over the past six months, has been the object of their loathing and scorn ever since they dispatched with John Boehner. It really was Breitbart and the crowd in Congress that they speak to I think that drove out Boehner and is making life just as  unpleasant for Ryan.”

Green added, “We’re so far into bizarre-o world here, that the idea that well, if he only had a little electoral seasoning, maybe he’d be doing things different differently. I think we passed that point a long long time ago. Bannon is an ideological warrior. And what’s so interesting and what drew me to him originally, was that he has a critique how you fight these political battles. He actually studies people on the left, not the right he told me. He thinks that people on the right are all about opinion and hot air, and actually de-constructs the liberals he thinks are most effective, including you in particular, Rachel. … In a sense, if you look at the people he’s mowed down on the Republican side of the aisle from Eric Cantor, to John Boehner, to Jeb Bush, he’s kind of had some success in that regard.”

At the end he was asked, “a lot of people are starting to talk about that this Breitbart connection and that Steve Bannon in particular, may be a sort of vehicle for really bringing a lot of super fringy racial politics in particular into mainstream Republican politics and the Trump campaign. Do you think that’s true? Do you think there’s a little playing with fire aspect of what’s going on with race issues in Bannon’s past and at breitbart?”

He answered, “I don’t think that Breitbart and Bannon are the people bringing those people in. I think Trump attracted them from the get-go and it makes a certain kind of sense that those people would rally behind trump’s banner. So, I don’t think that there’s anything particularly new or different about the coalition that’s support trump just because the former head of Breitbart is now in charge of his campaign.”

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