Hillary Surrogate Quinn Defends Hillary’s Pay-to-Play Allegations — Was Acting in the Interest of the U.S.

Monday on CNN’s “The Lead,” former New York City Council speaker and Hillary Clinton supporter Christine Quinn got animated while defending Clinton against the pay-to-play accusations between then-Secretary Clinton’s State Department and her family’s organization, the Clinton Foundation, by saying Clinton was meeting with allies of the United States.

 Partial transcript as follows:

BERMAN: Before you say, but wait, she sets up the meeting between Hillary Clinton and the crown prince of Bahrain. Is that not providing services for the Clinton Foundation?

QUINN: Had you been able to put the actual response up you would have seen that it said something to the effect of, I’m paraphrasing, have already received this request through proper channels. And then you see — so —

BERMAN: I’m glad you brought that up. Through proper channels, Hillary Clinton didn’t want to have the meeting. She did. She said don’t schedule it right now. I’m not sure I want to be there for it at the time. Then Doug Band talked to Huma Abedin, then Huma Abedin made it happen.

QUINN: That’s not the chronology of it.

BERMAN: It is.

QUINN: She didn’t know if she wanted to be in D.C. or back New York, taking appointments. Let’s be clear here. Bahrain has been for decades, an important ally to the United States. One of our most important major allies who is not a member of NATO. The Fifth Naval Fleet, which is the fleet that protects the Middle East and as America’s presence for the Middle East — …wait, wait, you got to go on and on.

LEWANDOWSKI: We don’t care about the fleet … This is pay for play.

QUINN: I actually think the people in the Middle East and the people in Israel and the people in the world care about the fleet. That is based out of Bahrain, and what we see here is an email between two people and a meeting that should happen between the secretary of state and the crown prince of Bahrain happening, and Doug Band happening….

BERMAN: You have the—this is someone in the Clinton Foundation—doesn’t leave the appearance—since you are waiting patiently—doesn’t leave the appearance that someone from the Clinton Foundation is asking for a meeting and the meeting happens?

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