Weekly Standard’s Hayes: Pay for Play Is How the Clintons Have Operated Since the 90s

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Outnumbered,” while commenting on Hillary Clinton’s pay-to-play accusations between then-Secretary Clinton’s State Department and her family’s organization, The Clinton Foundation, columnist for The Weekly Standard Stephen Hayes said, “this is the history of how Clinton operated.”

Hayes said, “It is effective in particular for two reasons. One, this is the history of how Clinton operated. You go back to look in the 1990s, look when she was senator, there was a pay for play aspect to a lot of what the Clintons did back then. There is a history there. That line resonates in particular. Also it is effective Hillary Clinton said in July of this year there is absolutely no connection, that is direct quote, absolutely no connection between work she did as secretary of state and The Clinton Foundation. We now know that was not true. We know people were given meetings because they were Clinton Foundation donors. They couldn’t get them through official channels but could get them because they were Clinton Foundation donors. We know that is a case with number of people. Question is, how many people and how much did they get?”

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