Steve King on Trump Immigration Plan: I’ll Push Back If Effort Is to Reward People for Breaking the Law

Friday on CNN’s “New Day,” Rep. Steve King (R-IA) reacted to the possibility of GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump softening his position on immigration.

According to King, he won’t be changing his position and vowed to fight back if there was an “effort” to reward those breaking the law.

“I’m not changing my position,” King said. “In fact, I’ll push back on this if there happens to be an effort to try to reward people for breaking the law. And I don’t think my position is hardline. I think it is prudent. It is prudent to insist on enforcing the law and applying the law. We cannot restore and have respect for the rule of law, which is the very center of the immigration position, the importance of this. We can’t do that if we reward law-breakers.”

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