WSJ’s Cummings: Trump’s African-American Outreach Speech ‘Really Insulting,’ ‘Painted them All With a Really Wicked Brush’

On Friday’s broadcast of PBS’ “Washington Week,” Wall Street Journal Political Editor Jeanne Cummings stated Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s African-American outreach message is “really insulting.” And “kind of painted them all with a really wicked brush.”

Cummings said, [T]here were many influential African-American leaders who were offended by it. They need help. Both sides know it. And the idea that, well, just vote for me because, you know, you’ve got that crappy neighborhood and, you know, it couldn’t get worse, could it? Is just really insulting. And there are many, of course, African-Americans who are not in those neighborhoods, who were also insulted. They’re in the middle class. They’re wealthy. And so, it just kind of painted them all with a really wicked brush. And so that – I have yet to see, other than attacking the Democrats, Donald Trump put out any kind of coherent, real, policy-oriented, this is a good reason for a Hispanic, an African-American, or any other minority to vote for him.”

She added, “Well, the problem he’s got with suburban women, though, go well-beyond this. And these kind of blunt appeals to minorities don’t show compassion. They just show that he wants their vote. But they also don’t go anywhere near addressing the women — the insults to women that began very early in his candidacy, went on for way too many months during the primary. He has stopped saying things like that of late, but the Clinton campaign has the clips.”

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