Biden: My Biggest Problem With Trump Is Not His Cockamamie Policies, It’s The Way He Treats People

Thursday in Warren, OH, while campaigning for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden said his “biggest problem” with Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was not his “cockamamie policies,” but instead “the way he treats people.”

Biden said, “My biggest problem with Donald Trump, I’ll tell you about it in a minute—is not his cockamamie policies. It’s the way he treats people. No, I mean sincerely now. Think about growing up in your house, and your kitchen table, if you ever talked about people like he does—I’m not joking. I really genuinely mean this. If you ever sat there and, you know, talked about how, you know, cool it was that, you know, John down the street got fired. You’re fired. A phrase he’s made famous, ‘You’re fired.’ You ought to come from a household where some people were fired. Where the plant closed down. Where all of a sudden they’re staring at the ceiling, wondering how in God’s name am I going to make it. A guy who says—a guy who says, and he means it, ‘American workers make too much money.’  No, no, no—just think—all kidding aside. I mean, I’m being deadly earnest here. This part is not the campaign speech, man. This—this is about the character of the person we’re talking about electing as president of the United States.”

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