Hillary on Not Smiling at ‘Commander-in-Chief’ Forum: ‘We Were Talking About Serious Issues’

On Thursday, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton ended her 270-plus day press conference-less streak and took questions from reporters at the airport in White Plains, NY.

One of the questions she fielded was about was about a critique from Republican National Committee chairman Reince Priebus noting Clinton failed to smile and that she looked “uncomfortable.”

According to Clinton, she didn’t smile because of the seriousness of the issues she was discussing.

“I’m going to let all of you ponder that last question,” she said. “I think there will be a lot of Ph.D. theses and popular journalism writing on that subject for years to come. I don’t take my advice and I don’t take anything seriously that comes from the RNC. We were talking about serious issues last night. I know the difference between what we have to do to fix the VA, what we have to do to take the fight to ISIS than just making political happy talk. And I had a very short window of time at that event last night to convey the seriousness at which I would approach the issues that concern our country. Donald Trump chose to talk about his deep admiration and support for Vladmir Putin. Maybe he did it with a smile and I guess the RNC would have liked that.”

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