Fox Sports’ Clay Travis: Media Loves Pushing ‘White Privilege’ Stories

Thursday, on Fox Sports radio’s “Outkick the Coverage,” host Clay Travis accused the media of pushing “white privilege.”

Travis said the media ran with stories such as Ryan Lochte’s time in Brazil and Peyton Manning’s mooning 20 years ago in order to show white males behaving badly, even before all of the facts surfaced, so they could push the false narrative that is white privilege.

Partial transcript as follows:

“Isn’t it a little bit scary that this story can have taken off like it did and most people don’t know what the actual truth of the matter was? I think that’s the scariest thing about this story is that we live in such an absurd situation, such an absurd country. At this point in time, the vast majority of people out there look to any story to reinforce whatever their existing worldview already is.”

“If you believe that the world is an awful place and that white men are out here just running rampant, destroying the universe, then anytime somebody gets into the least little bit of trouble everybody piles it on. I’ll give you an example: Duke lacrosse. Duke lacrosse — nothing happened. I’ll give you another example: This UVA Rolling Stone’s cover story supposedly about a gang rape that happened on campus. It was totally made up. Peyton Manning’s 20-year old mooning turns into, according to ESPN, the equivalent of freaking Watergate. A 20-year old training room mooning, they covered it like it was the most important story that had ever happened in the history of mankind, and Ryan Lochte’s the latest example. What do all of those guys have in common? They’re all white guys. There’s a huge percentage of people out there in the media who want white guys behaving badly to be a huge story so they’re willing to believe the worst no matter what.”

(h/t Daily Caller)

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