Trump: Media ‘Gaming the System’ Ahead of Debates

During Sunday’s broadcast of “Media Buzz” on the Fox News Channel, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump accused the media of “gaming the system” before the presidential debates, reasoning that they are using the criticism from the Matt Lauer forum with Trump and Hillary Clinton to pressure upcoming debate moderators to go after him.

“[The media] hammered Lauer, but Matt did a fine job” Trump told host Howard Kurtz. “Matt was very tough on me. So what happens is by — it’s called gaming the system, like a great basketball coach like Bobby Knight, who was one of the greats. He would hit the referee and keep hitting him, and then at the end he was hoping for that favorable call. Well, they’re hitting Matt Lauer, and that’s sort of indicative of what they’re — they’re trying to game the system. They want — and this, I think, is terrible — but they want the hosts to go after Trump. And that’s what they’re doing by gaming the system, and you understand it as well as anybody.”

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