Chris Matthews: Hillary Cleaned Trump’s Clock Tonight

Monday night after the first presidential debate, MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton cleaned Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s clock tonight.

Matthews said, “Well I thought it was a shutout for Hillary. Kellyanne Conway said her candidate Trump was the home run debater, the Babe Ruth of debaters. I counted home runs tonight, 5-0. Hillary hit them on everything, on his tax returns, failure too release them, hit him hard on stiffing his suppliers, hit him the birther issue very strong. Lester had tough questions about race relations in policing. He couldn’t answer them. She gave a great answer, Her fifth home run people run was her brilliant close. She cleaned his clock tonight. It was a bit embarrassing for Trump. I thought of it by watching  ‘A Few Good Men’ and she was Tom Cruise and he was Jack Nicholson. It was over tonight, very clear result. Hillary one big time. It was a shutout.”

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