Joe Biden: Trump ‘Painfully Uninformed’

Monday at Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA at a campaign rally for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden said Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is “painfully uninformed.”

Biden said, “Well folks you saw that debate last night didn’t ya. I tell you what if this choose isn’t clear- I don’t know — whoa my Lord. You know Donald Trump’s is painfully uninformed. No, no, this isn’t for cheering. I want to make an important point. And his policies are not very helpful for the country, but what bothers me about this race, and I know I’m sort of a one-man broken record on this, but what bothers me about this race is how palpable his cynicism is about the American people.”

“You know he acknowledged that he didn’t pay taxes because he said he’s ‘smart. Makes him smart. Tell that to the janitor here who’s paying taxes. Tell them dad when he was alive busted his neck working 60 hours a week, payed all his taxes. Tell that to your mothers and fathers who are breaking their necks to send you here and are paying their taxes. I really mean it. It angers me.It angers me.”

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