Kellyanne Conway: Trump’s Restraint ‘a Presidential Virtue’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump saying he almost did, but choose not to go after his opponent Hillary Clinton’s husband former President Bill Clinton’s sexual misconduct during last night’s presidential debate, Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway said that moment showed “tremendous restraint ” which is a “presidential virtue.”

Conway said, “It was an exercise in tremendous restraint and restraint is a virtue, and in fact it’s a presidential virtue. I think Donald Trump’s restraint there in not bring up what millions of Americans must have had on their minds is, really, she’s going to take you on on a comment you’ve made here and there about women and yet her husband has admitted to having affairs and of course including one with an intern in the White House when he was president of the United States, paid out a settlement to Paula Jones. The last time I didn’t sexually harass someone I didn’t give them $700,000 in a settlement.”

“So instead of going there he explained ‘Hey I’m prepared to do that I knew this was coming but I’m not going to do it because your husband and your daughter are here,'” she continued. “And then he went on to say, and yet this doesn’t stop you, Hillary Clinton, from running hundreds of millions of dollars of negative ads against me. Those are just the ads you see by the way. We now have these mail pieces that are about Trump and women going to independent Republican leaning women in states like Florida. We just got those yesterday brought to our attention. I think this will grow in importance the next couple of days when people realize what he didn’t say, what was conspicuous in it’s absence. It doesn’t mean people won’t think it though.”

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