Judge Jeanine to Hillary: ‘You Don’t Help Women — You Destroy Them’

During the “Opening Statement” of her Fox News Channel show “Justice,” host Jeanine Pirro hammered Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, accusing her of destroying women.

“You don’t support women — you destroy them,” Pirro directed to Clinton. “Whether it’s all the women who accused your husband of serial marital infidelities, sexual harassment or, yes, rape. Instead of protecting that 12-year-old, protecting a college intern, protecting a woman who claimed to be raped, your job — ruin them, destroy any woman who gets in the way of your ambition. None of it the predator’s fault. The war room created to assault the right-wing, the crazy women desperate for attention, who wanted publicity like Gennifer Flowers who you said you’d like to crucify. You called her trailer trash. And Monica Lewinsky, you called her a narcissistic loony tune until we found your husband’s semen on her dress. And Juanita Broaddrick who says you threatened her. And I don’t know what you said about Paula Jones but you and your husband had to pay her $850,000 for your husband’s sexual misdeeds. And you call them all bimbos.”

Pirro continued her verbal takedown on Clinton, warning voters that she is “gaming” them.

“She’s gaming you, folks. She takes money from countries who stone women for adultery to death. They kill them. They throw gays out of buildings. they kill them. This is a woman who’s corrupted the State Department, the Department of Justice and, now, I am ashamed to admit it, the honored tradition of the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” she added.

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