Roland Martin: Hillary ‘Better Get Real About This Intensity Gap’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” host of  TV One’s “News One Now” Roland Martin said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, “better get real about this intensity gap,” with voters.

Martin said, “What the polls cannot measure — measure still is intensity. And that is, the Gallup Poll showed that 76 percent of Republicans say they’ll likely vote; 65 percent Democrat; 47 18-34. What she has to do is deal with the intensity gap. She’s going to Charlotte. She’s going to be meeting with young black men today, because there was a 9-point gap between young black — black men and black women.”

“But she has to still deal with that millennial issue, he continued. “All the — all these polls are great, but we cannot measure what will be that turnout on election day. Will white voters all of a sudden exceed the last five elections? That’s why she’d better get real about this intensity gap.”

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