Joy Reid: ‘As a Woman,’ Kaine’s ‘Over-Caffeinated Presentation,’ ‘Was Sort of Rude to the Moderator’

During MSNBC’s coverage of Tuesday’s Vice Presidential Debate, MSNBC anchor Joy Reid argued that during the debate, Democratic VP nominee Senator Tim Kaine lost the point with his “over-caffeinated presentation” and “just as me watching it as a woman, I thought that it was sort of rude to the moderator” to keep “pretending that she wasn’t even there.”

Reid said, “Tim Kaine was the more aggressive interrupter and cross-talker. I don’t think that helped him. And he was firing so many attacks, so rapid-fire and so broad at Mike Pence that he was sort of losing the point. … Clearly Tim Kaine came in with one mission only, fire off as many salvos as — at Mike Pence as he could, and try to force Pence to defend Donald Trump. And in that sense, if that was his goal, he was successful. Look, if you’re a Republican voter, you probably watched — if you’re old-fashioned Republican, and you probably said, wow that Mike Pence guy seems interesting, I wonder who he’ll pick for his running mate, right? He came across as if he were the candidate. He stated his own positions on Russia, his own ideas. He defended the Mike Pence brand, but if Tim Kaine’s goal was to try to force him to defend Donald Trump, and to force the viewer to watch him not do that, then, if that was his mission, he succeeded. But I think the over-caffeinated presentation, I think, as — just as me watching it as a woman, I thought that it was sort of rude to the moderator to keep stepping on — over her and pretending that she wasn’t even there.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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