Johann Hari: Trump Winning ‘The Most Likely Scenario,’ ‘People Are Lying To Opinion Pollsters’ Like In Brexit

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” author Johann Hari argued that Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump winning is “the most likely scenario,” because “Countries are acting to self-harm in insane ways.” And “people are lying to opinion pollsters about it.”

Hari said, “[W]e’ve had so many moments where it looked like he was tanking. … You look at, two things are happening all over the world right now. Countries are acting to self-harm in insane ways. Britain will be permanently poorer, weaker, and sh*ttier because of Brexit. This week in Colombia they voted to reject a peace deal that would have ended a 50 year war. And the second thing that’s happening, is people are lying to opinion pollsters about it. They’re saying they won’t vote for it, then they’re going into the polling station and they’re voting for it. I think we should be working on the assumption that Trump will bounce back from this, and that he will win. And anyone watching this who wants to stop that happening — I think it’s the most likely scenario, and anyone who wants to stop that happening, I know I will never forgive myself for not having done more.”

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