MSNBC Guest: Kellyanne Conway’s Job Is to Be a ‘White Woman’ People Can Be Comfortable With

On Saturday’s “AM Joy” on MSNBC, communications consultant Tara Dowdell said Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway’s job with the Trump campaign is to be the “white woman that people can be comfortable with.”

“[Conway] is really a campaign spokesperson,” Dowdell told host Joy Reid. “A real campaign manager is on the campaign doing the work of the campaign, not on television non-stop. Her job is to go on television and put a face on that campaign, a face of a white woman that people can be comfortable with and to contrast with Trump. That is her real job and that’s the problem. She does not have the say because Trump is not going to give her the say. That is not consistent with who he is and how he treats women.”

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