Joe, Mika Herald Trump — ‘Most Effective Debate Performance to Date,’ ‘Vintage Trump’

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski weighed in on the debate a night earlier between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton.

Scarborough declared Trump to be the his most effective debate performance to date and theorized that Republicans that jumped ship from Trump’s candidacy are wishing they had not at this point.

“I think despite what you think of Donald Trump, what you think of Hillary Clinton, what you think of how this race has gone over the weekend and where you think it’s going to end up, whether you think last night made any difference at all to the final outcome in November,” Scarborough said. “I think there are a couple of things that people in the press may not want to admit, but it was plainly evident watching it on TV last night. Number one, it was Donald Trump’s most effective debate performance to date. There’s not a close second. Just not a close second. Secondly, despite the fact she had an unprecedented cheering section in the media, the fact is for somebody watching and people will see this if they watch it again today or so parts of it a week from now or a month from now – Hillary Clinton was on the defensive most of the night.”

“She seemed unsure of herself most of the night and he dominated the second debate in the same way she dominated the first debate. And third, and I think most importantly for this political season, Donald Trump, who has made the Republican Party members lives living and breathing hells for the past year and a half, last night turned it up to 11. And all of those people that jumped ship about halfway through the debate were looking at their TV saying, ‘Oh shoot.’ Because — I know everybody in the press hates Donald Trump,” he continued. “I’m giving you reality if you don’t like it. He’s horrible. I heard it last night. I saw it on Twitter. I understand. You believe he’s an evil man. I’m just giving you the political reality and this is the political reality – that for the Republican base, Donald Trump delivered the attack against the Clinton machine that the Republican base and Middle America have been waiting for years now.”

“And so good luck being in Pensacola, FL, saying I’m off of Donald Trump or saying in Kansas, ‘Oh, I’m not for Donald Trump anymore,’ especially when no Republican in America should have been surprised by what they heard on Friday,” Scarborough added.

Brzezinski seemed to agree, calling it “vintage Trump.”

“No Republican in America could have done what he did last night,” she sad. “They just — my god. It was epic. It was vintage Trump. He produced a day-long show that rocked the political world.

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