Ben Stein: I’m Not Totally Sure Trump Is ‘Right in the Head’

Friday on Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” while discussing Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, former Nixon and Ford speechwriter, actor and author Ben Stein said he wasn’t “totally sure” Trump was “right in the head.”

Stein said, “It would be nice if there would be some way for him to drop out and have Mr. Trump go off gracefully to Trump Tower. He has shown himself to be a flawed candidate. I’m not totally sure he is right in the head, to tell you the truth.”

He added, “I don’t think the leadership is smart enough or clever enough to do that. I think those of us who might be considered elder— hate to say that—do assume at this point it’s pretty much a lost cause and that we have to plan for a better candidate next time. I think Mrs. Clinton was eminently beatable. But we happened to choose a candidate who was just kind of a wacky guy who was not a particularly hard working guy where policy issues were concerned. It’s unfortunate. I think any number of other Republican candidates could have beaten Mrs. Clinton handily, but we chose the wrong one.”

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