Watch: Maher Launches ‘Orange Is the New F*ckface,’ And ‘Trump 2016: I’m With Herpes’ Shirts

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher launched anti-Donald Trump shirts into his audience, one of which read “”Orange is the new f*ckface,” and another that had a picture of Trump’s plane with “Do your thing geese.”

Maher stated, “I was looking on the Internet, and people are wearing t-shirts to Trump rallies that are just disgusting. ‘I wish Hillary had married OJ.’ ‘Trump that b*tch.’ ‘She’s a c*nt,’ lovely, ‘vote for Trump.’ And I do think we should go high, and I’m going to start next week, but until then, we’re going to go lower. But you know what, Trump had it coming. So we made up some t-shirts that he should have to look at.”

Maher then launched these various shirts into the crowd. The shirts read, “Orange is the new f*ckface.” “Vote Trump? Let go of my p*ssy and we’ll talk.” A picture of a toilet with “I just took a massive Trump.” Pictures of Melania Trump, Donald Trump, and Mike Pence with “Fake T*ts. Real Boobs.” “I tried to grab Trump by the penis, but I couldn’t find it.” “Show us where he touched you.” “Mexican rapists are stealing jobs from American rapists.” “Trump 2016: I’m with herpes.” A picture of Trump’s plane with “Do your thing geese.” “#WhinyLittleB*tch.” And a picture of an orangutan with “Trump is my son, but I’m still voting for Hillary.”

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