Maureen Dowd: ‘It’s Sad’ Hillary Clinton Is So Scripted

Sunday on CBS’s “Face The Nation,” New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd said it was “sad” how scripted Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton is.

Dowd said, “It’s hard because the crazy transgressions of Donald Trump kind of relatively speaking make this seem minor. I think it would be more lethal during the primary, but the part to me that’s almost poignant is Hillary Clinton has been trying for 25 years to show who she is to the public and getting memos from her staff. So we see the same memos from her staff now that she got in ’92 saying, we’re going to… in ’92, it was, we’re going to have a spontaneous — they’re always scripting spontaneity, right? So we’re going to have this spontaneous moment where Bill and Chelsea surprise you on mother’s day. So now we have near a tandem sending one saying, ‘we’re going to have an end-of-summer party where you’ll groove to the music.’ She can groove to the music and she can have a beer. You know it’s just kinda sad. They have… you know, they have off-the-record answers sort of scripted out for her for reporters with the cue to smile. It’s sad.”

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