Pence: ‘Many Americans Feel Like This Election Is Being Rigged’ By the National Media

Sunday on NBC’s “Meet The Press,” Republican vice-presidential nominee Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN) pointed out the fact that his running mate Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is under heavy media scrutiny and said the media are ignoring hard evidence about corruption in Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s years as secretary of state.

And that he said is causing “so many Americans” to “feel like they election is being rigged” by the national media.

Pence said, “Well, no, these are not substantiated accounts. These are people who have brought forward allegations going back in some cases decades. And Donald Trump has made it clear that he categorically denies these things ever took place. I have to tell you, it really is astonishing to most Americans that as these unsubstantiated allegations are treated with an enormous amount of coverage on this network and other networks, that revelations coming out of secretary of state Clinton’s years in the State Department and the Clinton Foundation are virtually ignored by the national media.”

“We discovered this week that State Department officials actually directed contracts for the Haitian recovery after the earthquake to friends of the Clinton,” he continued. “Literally, that got almost no media attention while those that step forward with these unsubstantiated claims that Donald Trump has denied were treated with headline news and continuous coverage. It’s one of the reasons why so many Americans feel like they election is being rigged by a national media that’s constantly trying to change the subject away from and practice willful ignorance toward the corruption and misdeeds and pay for play politics of the Clintons.”

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