Ivanka Trump: ‘Media Has Been Vicious’ To My Family

Wednesday on CNN’s “Newsroom,” host Brooke Baldwin played a clip of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump speaking at an event in Laguna Niguel, California, where she said “the media has been vicious” to her family.

Ivanka said, “I will tell you that the media has been vicious and there’s a lot of business people in the room. We’ve had articles written about us by the business press where we say, hmm, that wasn’t exactly fair—the fact check—there’s a few things off, but this has been a different level. Look, we take it personally, obviously there’s some things said that are deeply personal, but on a less emotional example, this week, in the last couple days I saw on the front cover of The New York Times a story talking about how the Trump brand was being decimated due to the campaign. Our team had provided by statistics as it relates to our hotel company for example showing traffic patterns and actual analytics and data. They insisted on using quotes from random people. I have no idea where they called. They chose to use a booking engine that represented a total last year of 16 bookings.”

“But they didn’t say that,” she continued. “They said the decrease in bookings, this booking engine that doesn’t book at luxury hotels and we have so many hotels. We have thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands a year and they took a company that booked 16 room nights with us and didn’t say that, but said our bookings went down 38% last year and we told them, we said this isn’t a relevant metric. They only did 16 room nights, it’s not Expedia, this is not a relevant performance. All they had from us wasn’t the quote where they shared the facts of our performance. They had the quote that we think this is a mischaracterization of how our business is doing, and they didn’t mention the lack of volume. So it’s demoralizing when you’re working very hard and you have teams working tremendously hard to read these things. So I think the bias is very, very real and I don’t think I would have said this to you even a year ago, but I’m seen it too many times. It’s tremendous.”

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