Limbaugh Rips Dems, Media for Attacking Trump for ‘Rigged Election’ Remarks While Claiming Russians Are Trying to ‘Rig’ U.S. Election

Thursday on nationally syndicated radio program, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh reacted to the hemming and hawing over Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s refusal to say he would accept the outcome of next month’s presidential election, leaving open the possibility he might think the outcome could be “rigged,” as he has sometimes stated on the campaign.

Limbaugh, however, pointed out it is Democrats that have been alleging the Russians are trying to “rig” our elections, which he called ironic.

Partial transcript as follows:

Here’s the irony I was referring to earlier.  I haven’t heard anybody say this.  What are the Democrats saying?  You talk to Donna Brazile last night about the emails that prove that she was passing questions on to Hillary. “Those are stolen emails!  Those are emails delivered by criminals.  I know what it is to be persecuted.  I’m a Christian woman.  You pick that stuff out of the gutter.  I’m not answering it.”  And virtually every explanation for what we are learning in the WikiLeaks document dump, they don’t deny anything.

What do they say?  The Russians are trying to rig our elections.  The Democrats are the ones caterwauling and whining and moaning about rigged elections every day.  WikiLeaks, the Russians, Mrs. Clinton at the debate last night, “I have never seen anything like this in American politics, where a foreign government is attempting to sabotage our election,” dumping on the Russians for what?  Trying to rig the election.

So Trump says, “No.  I’m gonna keep my options open.  I don’t know what’s gonna happen.”  The only sensible answer there is to that question the Democrats, the whole debate, prior to the debate, whining and moaning about rigged elections ’cause the Russians are trying to screw ’em because the Russians are releasing emails that Podesta sent to everybody under the sun, so the Russians are what?  Trying to cheat.  Who is it that’s alleging rigged elections?  Who is it that’s trying to defuse the truth coming out about them by blaming it on the Russians trying to rig elections?  It’s our good buddies and good friends the Democrats and their fellows in journalism.  I mean, it’s breathtaking to behold all of this.

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