David Brooks: Supreme Court ‘Wrong Argument’ for Conservatives that ‘Hate’ Trump to Vote for Him

Friday on PBS’s “NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks dismissed the argument that conservatives should vote for Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump in order to ensure the balance on the Supreme Court is maintained.

According to Brooks, voting for Trump for that reason would violate “the moral foundation” of society.

“Our system is not only based on rules, but a series of self-restraints that we won’t be as barbaric as we could be in competing for power because we know if we’re all barbaric as we could be, the whole country and the whole society falls apart. And my critique with conservatives who say, well, I really hate the guy, but I need to vote for him because of the Supreme Court, the problem is that the moral foundation of the society, the way we interact with each other is more fundamental than the Supreme Court. And if that gets polluted and that gets destroyed by somebody who’s just brutalistic and savage, then it doesn’t matter who’s on the Supreme Court because we have lost our country. And so I think their argument that the Supreme Court is worth it is basically the wrong argument when he’s behaving this way.”

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