Watch: SNL Puts White Trump Supporter On ‘Black Jeopardy’

NBC’s “Saturday Night Live,” placed a white Trump supporter on “Black Jeopardy” to see how he fared.

The contestant, a white man with a Southern accent wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat named Doug, was first met with skepticism about how he would perform, but, as the show goes on gradually wins the show’s host and other two contestants by playing the same lottery game, thinking the iPhone gathering thumbprints is how the government harvests information, not believing Caitlyn Jenner belongs on the cover of “Essence,” believing the election is rigged, liking Tyler Perry’s Madea movies.

Although things get a little awkward when he backs away when the host goes to shake his hand, and referring to the others on the set as “You people,” Doug continues to fit in by having a guy who fixes everything for cheap, and not liking skinny women, further endearing him to the host and other contestants.

The sketch concludes with the Final Jeopardy category, “Lives That Matter.” This prompts the host to tell Doug “it was good while it lasted, Doug.” Doug responds that he has “a lot to say about this.” The host cuts him off before announcing they’ll play the National Anthem and see what happens.

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