Eric Trump on His Father’s Response to Accusers: ‘He’s a Great Fighter’

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” when asked about Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump on Saturday in Gettysburg, PA promising to sue the women who have alleged sexual misconduct against him, his son Eric Trump responded by saying his father was a “great fighter.”

Eric Trump said, “My father’s a guy who will fight. He’ll fight for this country and he’s always fought for himself. And quite frankly through out this whole process he has needed to fight for himself. And he believes in a right and a wrong, and when he feels that there’s injustice, I think you should stand up to ourselves. And quite frankly we wouldn’t have he problems that we have in this nation right now if somebody did a better job, if our politicians did a better job standing up for our country. And he stands up for himself. He’s a fighter. That’s who my father is and quite frankly, he’s a great fighter and he believes in calling out right and wrong.”

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