Trump: Hillary Has Less Energy Than Jeb Bush

Wednesday in Charlotte, NC, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump said Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton has less energy than former GOP primary candidate Jeb Bush.

Trump said, “Hillary said, ‘Donald Trump took time off the campaign.’ Can you believe it? Here’s a woman who goes home and she goes to sleep all the time. Think of it. She’s got no energy whatsoever. Everyone talking about the fact that I’ll do seven, eight, nine stops.”

He added, “Here’s a woman, she makes a speech for 15 minutes, she goes to home, goes to bed. Honestly, she has less energy than Jeb Bush. I mean it. I mean it. And the reason I bring him up—he didn’t sign the pledge—he’s open game. So he signed the pledge right, but he didn’t honor it. How do you live with yourself?”

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