Hillary: ‘Kids Are Scared By the Rhetoric They Are Hearing’

Thursday in Winston-Salem, NC, Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton said kids were “scared by the rhetoric they are hearing” from Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

Clinton said, “This has been a hard election. At times, it’s gotten pretty ugly, hasn’t it? We all felt it, especially kids. I hear this from parents and children across our country. Kids write me notes. They hand me little cards and notes when I shake hands with them. Their parents write me and teachers talk to me. Kids are scared, kids are scared by the rhetoric they are hearing. I see the educators. The educators’ heads are nodding. Little girls are hearing ugly things that have been said about woman in this campaign and makes them feel terrible and doubt themselves. That’s why it is important for voices like our first lady to stand up and say, wait a minute, it is important to respect our women and children, boys and girls alike.”

“Our kids will scared they’ll be sent out of the country because their parents are immigrants or they’re immigrants,” she continued. “They are scared if they are Muslims or have a disability. I got a letter from a parent, a mom in Wisconsin I think, who adopted her son Felix in Ethiopia when he was a toddler. He just turned 11 years old. I love it when little kids do birthday remembrances. America is the only country he ever known. One day he turned to his mom and he asked, ‘If Donald Trump becomes president is he going to make me go back to Ethiopia?’ Now that honestly breaks my heart.”

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